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FMV World 2022 Gift Guide

FMV World has you covered as we list off several different choices for that FMV game lover in your life. (December 2022)

INTERVIEW: Barry Aldridge (The Dark Side of the Moon, Dark Nights with Poe and Munro)

Interview with FMV actor and producer Barry Aldridge. (March 2021)

INTERVIEW: Darren Hall (The Dark Side of the Moon)

Interview with writer/director/star of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. (March 2021)

INTERVIEW: Anarosa Butler (Contradiction, The Shapeshifting Detective)

The FMV star talks about her work in some of this generation's best interactive films. (March 2021)

INTERVIEW: Rupert Booth (Contradiction, The Shapeshifting Detective)

The FMV star talks about his notable, prolific work in interactive films. (February 2021)

INTERVIEW: Paul Raschid (The Complex, Five Dates)

Writer/Director Paul Raschid discusses directing two of 2020s best FMV games. (February 2021)

INTERVIEW: Dean Erickson (Gabriel Knight)

GABRIEL KNIGHT 2 star Dean Erickson discusses his experiences making the FMV masterpiece. (July 2020)

Version française disponible ICI.


We interview the creators and cast in our behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game. (June 2020)


A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the interactive horror game 'DAEMON_9' (February 2020)

REVIEW: Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition

After 25 years, we finally see the re-release of the most anticipated and infamous FMV game of all time. (August 2017)


The writer/producer and cast discuss 'THE INFECTIOUS MADNESS OF DOCTOR DEKKER' (June 2017)

INTERVIEW: Allan Plenderleith (The Bunker, The Hunting)

We discuss his journey from "Thomas the Tank Engine" to interactive horror. (April 2017)

REVIEW: Double Switch for Mobile Devices

We discuss the release of the beloved FMV game for mobile devices. (January 2017)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Night Trap For Mobile

We got our hands on the mobile prototype for the FMV classic Night Trap. Here are our first impressions. (June 2016)

INTERVIEW: Tyler Hogle, Developer of Night Trap For Mobile

Interview with the developer of the Night Trap prototype for Android. (May 2016)

INTERVIEW: Paul Franzen (A Stranger Comes Calling)

Interview with the creator and star of "A Stranger Comes Calling." (December 2015)

INTERVIEW: Adam Prusan (Virtual Prey, Chuckle's Revenge)

Interview with the creator and star of "Chuckle's Revenge." (June 2015)

REVIEW: MovieMaze - The Plumber

MovieMaze Returns With Another Interactive Comedy Game. (March 2015)

INTERVIEW: Tim Follin (Contradiction)

We discuss the upcoming interactive film "Contradiction" with the game's creator Tim Follin. (2014)

INTERVIEW: Jared Hoffa (Project: Slasher)

Interview with the producer and star of "Project: Slasher." (2009)

FIRST LOOK: Latent Lava

A first look at the upcoming interactive film "Latent Lava." (2008)

INTERVIEW: Michael Thomasson (Good Deal Games)

Interview with the CEO of retro game company "Good Deal Games." (2008)

INTERVIEW: Omar Khudari (The Act )

Cecropia's Omar Khudari discusses his video game "The Act" and what he calls "personality games." (2008)

INTERVIEW: Christopher Bankston (Sega of America)

An interview with the producer of some of your favorite Sega CD games from the 1990s. (2007)

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