By King Padmore
       July 06, 2008

The idea of interactive films has always been intriguing to audiences. With the advent of full-motion video games in the CD-Rom age we came close to realizing true interaction but the limitations of the technology left us wanting more.

With a bold new concept and technology to back it up, the folks at Zobyx have made significant efforts to reintroduce the idea of interactive film with the release of Latent Lava. You play a main role in the storyline and make decisions that effect the outcome of the story. Just don't call it a "game." Zobyx founder Pranay Chulet explains:

"It is a feature film which allows the audience to be a part of its story in a meaningful way. The audience actually play a character in this live action film as opposed to merely choosing the paths they want the story to take. This is really the first effort of its kind, and we are hoping to have the benefit of strong consumer curiosity, especially given the changing tastes of the audiences of today."

The plot of Latent Lava takes place in the near future and centers on both terrorism and terror politics. You play an agent in charge of monitoring terrorist activities and you must make split-second decisions to save lives or take lives if you have to...all under the pressures of a clock ticking away the way it would in real life.

Latent Lava will be released in two versions -- an interactive version and a conventional non-interactive version that can be enjoyed like a regular movie. Stay tuned to FMV World for the latest updates.

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