MovieMaze: The Plumber
MovieMaze™ Returns With Another Interactive Comedy Game

The follow-up to MovieMaze: The Mechanic is here and it does not disappoint. Like the first installment, The Plumber is a choose-your-own-adventure comedy in which you try to direct your character to one of several happy endings. Along the way, you'll meet your demise in crazy and unexpected ways like an interactive live-action Looney Tunes cartoon. Fortunately, there's no need to fret if you explode, get electrocuted, or get shot by lasers because the automatic replay feature quickly returns you to your last decision point. This makes even your wrong choices enjoyable because you can always proceed without starting over.

The Plumber is a joy to play and with this latest episode, MovieMaze™   has established a successful formula with inexpensive interactive films that are both entertaining and accessible. The abundance of options (there are 54 in the game) allow for multiple storylines and you'll definitely want to replay the game to find them all.

That said, The Plumber is not without its flaws. At times, the action choices seem too arbitrary or make no sense at all (Choice: "Blipfap Yip" or "Plotsclik Wup") and at certain points I had to tap my choice several times before it would register. These, however, are merely minor gripes and at $2.99 The Plumber is an excellent value.

Overall, MovieMaze: The Plumber is an incredibly inventive interactive film that is both captivating and fun.