Mr. Indeep Sheet has just arrived in the US from the Mumbai Car Academy. Can you help him deliver a car without being smashed, blown up or eaten? And perhaps find true love at the end...

The Mechanic is the world's first MovieMaze™ , an interactive film where you get to pick different storylines. With 40 different options along the way this is a new way to make watching movies interactive and fun.

(description from the developer's website)

Release: 2013

Developer: MovieMaze Ltd

Publisher: Stickmen Pictures Ltd

Type: Choose Your Path

Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone


Title One
Movie Clip One       Movie Clip Two       Movie Clip Two      

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Visit the distributor's MovieMaze: The Mechanic page.

Download the iOS versions HERE.

Download the Android version HERE.



Great fun and it's good for several playthroughs...plus it's FREE!

Indeep Sheet..... Jake Matthews

Tulula Grace..... Darcy Donavan

Directed by..... Rishi Thaker

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