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Developer RhinoTales has released their interactive thriller She Sees Red for Mac and Windows on Steam. From the product description:

She Sees Red is an interactive live-action thriller full of drama, violence, and your responsibility. A detective is doing her best to catch an elusive criminal who murdered several people in a night club. Make different choices to affect the plot line and reveal all pieces of the puzzle.

The game is regularly $7.99 but for a limited time you can take advantage of the release discount and receive 10% off your purchase. Offer ends July 18.

video icon  SHE SEES RED (Trailer)

 ➤  SHE SEES RED (Steam Page)

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"Dark Knights with Poe and Munro" has an interactive promo video. In the video, you ask Poe and Munro questions to get information on the forthcoming game featuring characters from "The Shapeshifting Detective."

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THE COMPLEX is an upcoming cinematic FMV sci-fi thriller for PC and console. Read the Press Release for more information.

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