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The Lost '90s Game AMERICAN HERO is Out Now

Over 25 years after being filmed, American Hero — which was originally intended for release on Atari Jaguar CD — has been released for modern platforms. This playable 1990s action movie has been lovingly restored and remastered by Empty Clip Studios/Ziggurat Interactive and is a must-play for lovers of retro FMV games. Description and trailer below:

Take on the role of Jack, a former intelligence officer brought out of retirement for one last mission to stop the villainous virologist Krueger, who plans to unleash a mind-controlling virus on the citizens of Los Angeles. Your spur-of-the-moment decisions will help or hinder Jack as he tries to find and protect the only scientist who has the cure for this deadly pathogen.

American Hero is now available for PlayStation / Xbox / Switch / Windows.

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BLOODSHORE is Now Available

Bloodshore is an interactive action movie about a televised battle royale between high-profile streamers, entertainers and death row inmates. Available now for iOS / PlayStation / Xbox / Switch / Mac / Windows.

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D'Avekki Studios, the creators of Doctor Dekker, The Shapeshifting Detective, and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, have announced their next FMV game Murderous Muses.

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