Welcome to San Rosa. Underneath its picturesque skyline, a cesspit of vice and corruption plaques the night. Join Bambi, a morally ambiguous henchman, as you guide him through a night of crime and survival - where every decision rests upon your touch.

Love or loyalty? You choose.

Release: April 22, 2022

Developer: Flavourworks Ltd.

Publisher: Flavourworks Ltd.

Type: Choose-Your-Path

Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS 11.0 (M1 chip or later)


From Flavourworks, the creators of Erica.

Featuring Flavourworks' proprietary TouchVideo Technology.

Purchase for App Store, Galaxy Store, and Google Play.

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Bambi..... Jonathan Ajayi

Alma..... Hanako Footman

Val..... Juliet Aubrey

Tony..... Beau Fowler

Director..... Paris Zarcilla

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