Sammy, aka the Cuttlefish, is no stranger to high-stake jobs - but this one is personal. Teddy, a member of Sammy's former crew, has turned on those who raised him and you'll have to use all of your wits and guile to cunningly save the community.

Release: April 27, 2023

Developer: Flavourworks

Publisher: Flavourworks

Platforms: Android, iOS


From the creators of Erica, Cuttlefish is a full throttle interactive heist caper perfect for the whole family.

Verizon underwrote the development and partnered with developer Flavourworks on the project to show off 5G networking on mobile devices.

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Sammy..... Catherine Garton

Zahra..... Kaya Brown-Hallam

Teddy..... James El-Sharawy

Darius..... Raymond Anum

Directed by..... Raphaela Wagner

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