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An Interview with Dean Erickson

We talk with Gabriel Knight star Dean Erickson to discuss his experience making the FMV masterpiece GABRIEL KNIGHT 2: THE BEAST WITHIN (1995).

FMV WORLD: Thank you so much Mr. Erickson for agreeing to this interview; it is truly a pleasure for us to talk to an FMV giant such a yourself.

DEAN ERICKSON: Thank you for the hyperbolic description. I wouldn't even call myself a big fish in a small puddle. More like a guppy, but thank you.

FMV WORLD: Alright, let's dive right into it with a first question: how did you first get into acting?

DEAN: After leaving a job on Wall Street, I thought about raising money to start a hedge fund. Not an easy task in the best of situations, but I was particularly ill-suited to raise money because I wasn't comfortable speaking in front of people. I took an acting class with the idea I could become more comfortable and then I became more interested in acting than in working in finance.

FMV WORLD: In 1993, prior to your interactive work, you had a recurring role on the popular television show Frasier. How was that experience?

DEAN: Frasier was intimidating because of the great actors involved like Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves and others. I was just a bit player. Frankly, I was mostly concerned with remembering my lines and not embarrassing myself too much. However, I did get to kiss Jane Leeves in a scene that was cut. (Nice!) Kelsey commented that I was speaking one of my lines too slowly. (Not as nice, but true!) And David and I went to the same gym at the time, and he was one of the nicest people I've met.

FMV WORLD: You are known to FMV fans as Gabriel Knight in Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (GK2). Tell me, how did you snatch that part?

DEAN: This was a typical audition process but I did have to fly up to the Sierra Online Studios early to meet (series creator) Jane Jensen and get her final approval. I don't recall the exact scene but I read a scene with some emotional intensity involved. Jane's face changed a bit as I proceeded with the scene, and I got the feeling that I had won the part right then and there. Basically, I believe that she needed to see an actor who could bring the darker side of Gabriel out, not just the charming, wise-guy side.

FMV WORLD: How did it feel being cast in an untraditional, interactive film such as GK2?

DEAN: Truly, I was simply an actor looking for paying work. My agent thought I looked the part. I thought it would be a great experience, and it was. It turned out to be far more interesting in terms of the technology than I might have realized at the start but that wasn't really my concern. I just had to fulfill my part to the best of my abilities. I had no apprehensions about the fact I would be making SAG scale for three and a half months in an idyllic setting under controlled conditions with nice people.

FMV WORLD: You say the shoot was just three and a half months for what amounts to several hours of video. That must have been intense.

DEAN: Yes, it was intense in that we shot fairly quickly, only one or two takes per shot. But we were mostly shooting on an air conditioned soundstage in a beautiful part of the country during the summer near a lake. We worked mostly 9-5 M-F so it was about the best situation one could have as an actor. It truly couldn't have worked out better other than maybe getting work afterwards.

FMV WORLD: GK2 is often named as one of the best FMV games ever made, even today. As recently as 2011, Adventure Gamers named it the 3rd-best adventure game ever released. How do you feel about that?

DEAN: It feels great that the game has been so well received. Even today, people contact me to tell me they really enjoyed the game. GK2 seems to have had a positive impact on a number of people and you can't hope for much more than that.

FMV WORLD: Have you ever played the game?

DEAN: I've never played it, though I've watched some compilations and pieces of play-throughs. I especially like the opera scene and can remember shooting those scenes more vividly than most.

The Opera Scene from Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (1995)

FMV WORLD: That opera scene is widely considered one of the best scenes of the FMV genre. What can you tell us about how this scene was shot?

DEAN: It was my first and only time in Seattle, and we shot the scenes on a real stage. No blue screens for this one. They hired opera singers, (the director) Will Binder led multiple rehearsals, and it all felt a bit more like theatre than shooting on the soundstage in Oakhurst.

FMV WORLD: Joanne Takahashi, who played Grace Namakura, was one of the other protagonists of the game, and Jane Jensen is a big name in the video game industry. How was your experience working with them?

DEAN: They are both amazing talents. Unfortunately, I barely worked with Joanne. She shot most of her scenes before I shot mine. Then we came together toward the end of the production to shoot a few scenes together.

Jane wrote a terrific script which made everything else possible, but she worked mostly with Will Binder and the team. My work was done with the other actors, and I took direction from Will.

FMV WORLD: Were you approached for any other FMV work after Gabriel Knight was released?

DEAN: I wasn't. Frankly, paid acting work dried up for me, but I did get to play Hamlet, Macbeth, and few other stage roles after GK2. I'm satisfied with the acting career I had and am happy with my investment business now.

FMV WORLD: Have you kept in touch with anyone you worked with on Gabriel Knight?

DEAN: I talk to Will once in a while and we have coffee every couple of years. He's doing well and has a lovely family. I spend most of my time with my wife, our families, and our friends. I haven't followed the other actors or team members. They were all great, but life moves on.

FMV WORLD: A Gabriel Knight comic book written by Jane Jensen has recently been released. Did you follow anything Gabriel Knight-related after the game was released?

DEAN: I didn't know there was a comic book. I casually followed whatever GK news came out and followed what Jane was doing. I suspect I still have a couple of review magazines and maybe a game somewhere but I'm not sure where they are now. I've moved a few times in the last 25 years. Mostly, I'm only connected to the game now because of fans that contact me through social media (like you did!).

FMV WORLD: I believe the Gabriel Knight comic book is a sign that fans want more Gabriel Knight stories. If a live-action FMV sequel was ever made, would you consider reprising your role as Gabriel Knight?

DEAN: I would certainly consider it, though I'm not holding my breath for it. Basically, I'd be playing the father (or grandfather!) of Gabriel today. Either way, I will keep my day job.


Photo Credit: Bill Crow (Studio Manager). Click thumbnails to enlarge.

FMV WORLD: In the game, your character is a Schattenjäger, which means "Shadow Hunter" in German. If you could have supernatural powers, which powers would you want to have? Would you be a werewolf like Gabriel?

DEAN: If I had a supernatural skill, I'd like to be able to tell the future. What an investor I would be!

FMV WORLD: Yes, that would be helpful with your investment management business, Bionic Capital LLC. On that topic, it's really remarkable how you've proven to be a man of many talents. In addition to being an actor, you are also a wealth advisor, inventor, and author of several books, including a novel titled No One Laughs at a Dead Clown: A Razz McNeil Mystery. Can you tell us more about these experiences?

DEAN: That novel took me ten years to finish but I'm proud of seeing it through. My mom liked it, so there's that (laughs). Essentially, whenever I have an idea that has value to me I try to see it through to the best of my ability. I've created the AbStar Fitness Trainer, an exercise device that improves upon big, spongy exercise balls. I've written a couple of personal development books. Even my investment business is creative at its best. I have a project now that might surprise a few people.

FMV WORLD: Can you tell us more about this future project?

DEAN: I am working on something that is outside of my typical experience but that makes it a challenge. Sorry I can't reveal it now, but hopefully it will be completed soon.

FMV WORLD: Well Mr. Erickson, thank you very much once again for agreeing to this interview. Any closing words for your fans?

DEAN: Thank you. I'm always grateful for anyone that noticed GK2 and anything else I've done. Regarding whatever comes next, be kind.

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