A terrifying tale of murder and madness by gaming's most successful author.

Phantasmagoria is the gothic tale of a haunted house, demonic possession, and a young wife who just can't keep her curiosity in check. Play as Adrienne Delaney as you explore the house, discover secret passageways, unearth strange objects and reveal clues to the mysterious presence that seems to be affecting your husband. Oh, and try not to lose your head - literally.

(description from the back of the PC Version)

Release: 1995

Developer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Type: Adventure/Mystery

Platforms: Mac, PC


Writer Roberta Williams is an american video game designer best known for her pioneering work on the "King's Quest" series. She founded Sierra On-Line with her husband Ken Williams.

There is a sequel which also features FMV called "Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh."

Actor David Homb (Don) started dating actress Victoria Morsell (Adrienne) while he was playing the role of her husband in the game.

Adrienne Delaney..... Victoria Morsell

Don Gordon..... David Homb

Written by..... Roberta Williams

Directed by..... Peter Maris

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