Jill is a hot mess. It's up to YOU to navigate through a series of awkward moments that either leave her somewhat dignified or even hot-messier.

Starring Milana Vayntrub, and created by Sandeep Parikh.

Title: That Moment When

Release: 2017

Developer: Eko

Publisher: Eko

Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Online


That Moment When is a seven-episode interactive video series created by Sandeep Parikh.

Play That Moment When on iOS devices with the Eko App.

Play That Moment When online at HelloEko.com.

Actress Brea Grant (Stacy) also stars in the interactive film The Weathered Underground which released in 2010 on DVD.

Developer Eko also created the interactive series WarGames, directed by Sam Barlow
(Her Story).

Jill..... Milana Vayntrub

Jack..... Michael Minto

Dave..... Asif Ali

Brooke..... Brooke Seguin

Stacy..... Brea Grant

Directed by..... Sandeep Parikh

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