The story follows 21 Year old Eric (the character whom the audience makes choices for) as he deals with a skull crunching breakup. Eric is a struggling musician who works a side job and just broke up with the greatest love of his life, the somewhat insane yet adorable Liz (Brea Grant, Heroes, H2). Now you, the viewer, must guide Eric through one insane evening with Criminals, Drugs and Damsels while deciding whether Eric will win back the love of his life or crumble into Moral Decay... His fate is now in your hands...

(description from the distributor's website)

Release: 2010

Developer: Super Rad

Publisher: Indican Pictures

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: DVD


Actress Brea Grant played speedster Daphne Millbrook on the television series "Heroes."

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Unsightly art style but interesting choices.

Eric..... Michael Ciriaco

Liz..... Brea Grant

Rene..... Hollis McLachlan

Stella..... David N. Donihue

Directed by..... David N. Donihue

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