After defying her parents and becoming a wizard school dropout, Andy has to figure out how to make it on her own in decidedly non-magical Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Glimdrang Academy doesn't prepare you for getting a job in this economy. About to lose a piece of her soul to her creepy landlord, she needs your help to figure out how to be a wizard in real life. Help her make friends, cast spells, start an (unlicensed) business, and maybe prevent a little bro-pocalypse along the way. And don't forget the rent!

Title: Wizard School Dropout

Release: November 2019

Developer: Eko

Publisher: Eko

Platforms: Browser, iPad, iPhone


The Eko Original Wizard School Dropout is a 13-episode interactive video series from Sandeep Parikh, the creator of That Moment When starring Milana Vayntrub.

Play Wizard School Dropout on iOS devices with the Eko App.

Play Wizard School Dropout online at Eko.com.

Andy..... Kosha Patel

Zhao..... Julie Zhan

Jordan..... Michael Minto

Chad..... Fahim Anwar

Figgy..... Naomi Grossman

Directed by..... Sandeep Parikh

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