You're Joker. You and your team, Stryker, Sparks and Linus get orders to execute a Top Secret mission. Unfortunately for you, the CIA wants no survivors.

Flying deadly Apache AH-64 helicopters, your team blasts into the Al-Shakkur installation. Then on foot, you alone must find and rescue a kidnapped scientist held somewhere inside.

Professor Victor Mensch holds the formula for a deadly new nerve gas in his head. His fate rests in your hands. But watch out! Things aren't what they seem. (from the back of the Sega CD Version)

Release: 1994

Developer: Stargate Productions, Inc.

Publisher: Sega of America

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Sega CD


Stargate Productions was also developer of the cancelled (and eventually released by GDG) games "Bug Blasters" and "Star Strike."

Actor Michael Gregory (Stryker) has appeared in several other FMV video games including "The Adventures of Pinocchio," "Eraser Turnabout" and "The Horde."

Actor David L. Crowley (J.T. Adams) also starred in a similar role as Mr. Williams in the FMV game "Tomcat Alley."

Director Sam Nicholson also directed Tomcat Alley, Star Strike, Bug Blasters, and Wing Nuts.



Fun but difficult B-movie action game.

Joker..... Todd Jensen

Stryker..... Michael Gregory

Sparks..... Mychelle Charters

J.T. Adams..... David L. Crowley

Written by..... Sam Nicholson, George Goldsmith

Directed by..... Sam Nicholson

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