A renegade Soviet commander threatens the U.S.. As Tactical Officer, it's up to you and your pilot, Dakota, to stop him!

You target and fire, execute defensive maneuvers, navigate and communicate in 7 big missions against air and ground targets. So much action, you've barely got time to breathe!

In this TruVideo interactive movie, your decisions change the outcome. Don't count out the enemy 'til all the shooting is done. He's full of surprises! Good Hunting! (description from Sega CD Version)

Release: 1994

Developer: The Code Monkeys Ltd.

Publisher: Sega of America, Inc.

Type: Interactive Movie

Platforms: PC, Sega CD


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Actor David L. Crowley (Mr. Williams) also starred in the FMV game "Midnight Raiders."

Actress Diana Lee Hsu (Lt. Fujimora) was Playboy's Playmate of the Month for May 1988.

Music in the game was composed by Jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

Writer John Zuur Platten has also written the critically-acclaimed games "The Chronicles of Riddick" and "Johnny Mnemonic."



The interactive B-movie version of Top Gun. So, yes, it's awesome.

Shadow 5..... Gregory Balaban

Ratchet..... Jolie Jackunas

Commander..... Mark Carlton

Shadow 3..... Braeden Marcott

Lt. Fujimora..... Diana Lee Hsu

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