You're a 21st century courier delivering 320 gigabytes of stolen data wet-wired directly to your brain. Except you have no way of getting the data out of your head.

Johnny Mnemonic is a unique combination of game and movie where you are an active participant in an action movie. You can explore a dangerous world, fight for your life and eventually solve all the challenges presented to you.

Release: 1995

Developer: Propaganda Code

Publisher: Sony Imagesoft Inc.

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Mac, Windows


The game is based on the short story "Johnny Mnemonic" which spawned the motion picture of the same name starring Keanu Reeves.

The game features former NBA star and current Head Coach Kurt Rambis. Isaac Hayes and gameshow host Doug Llewelyn also make appearances.

There is also a "Johnny Mnemonic" pinball game by Williams.

Johnny..... Christopher Russell Gartin

Jane..... Clare Carey

Shinji..... Yuji Okumoto

Henson..... Kurt Rambis

J-Bone..... Isaac Hayes

Directed by..... Douglas Gayeton

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