You're John Krueger, The Eraser, and you've got a few hours to shut down a conspiracy that threatens the free world and to stop the latest terrorist strike.

Along the way, you'll shoot it out with well-armed teams of professional assassins, explore dangerous environments, piece together bizarre clues, and defeat deadly electronic counter measures.

Release: 1996

Developer: Imagination Pilots

Publisher: Warner Bros.

Type: Adventure

Platforms: Windows 95


Based on the movie "Eraser" (1996) starring Arnold Schwartzenegger and Vanessa Williams.

Ken Berris directed the Los Angeles scenes while writer Howard A. Tullman directed the Chicago scenes.

Director Ken Berris has also directed Spycraft: The Great Game, Panic in the Park, Blown Away, and two Make My Video games (INXS and Marky Mark).

Visit Howard A. Tullman's Eraser website HERE.

Brian Gill..... Sal Viscuso

Victor Rosenblum..... William Utay

Harry Reese..... John DeMita

Written by..... Howard Tullman

Directed by..... Ken Berris, Howard Tullman

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