Solve the mystery or the park is history.

Erika Eleniak heats up this interactive adventure CD-Rom game that simmers with style and suspense. A set of twins - one virtuos, one diabolical, both beautiful - are fighting for the fate of aging Skyview amusement park, operated by the twin's father until his recent death.

As a reporter, you must navigate through a complex web of intrigue to get to the heart of the mystery. It's up to you to help the good twin find the park's missing deed by morning in order to save it from destruction. (description from the back of the PC version)

Release: 1995

Developer: Imagination Pilots

Publisher: Warner Active

Type: Mystery/Puzzle

Platforms: Windows 3.x, DOS 5.0+


The developer, Imagination Pilots, also made Blown Away and Eraser: Turnabout.

Director Ken Berris has also directed Spycraft: The Great Game, Blown Away, and two Make My Video games (INXS and Marky Mark).

Actress Erika Eleniak is best known for her work on "Baywatch." She also played "Pretty Girl" in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."

Also features actor Michael Clarke Duncan's (pictured left) debut performance as a security guard.

Janie/Jamie..... Erika Eleniak

Security Guard..... Michael Clarke Duncan

Written by..... Howard A. Tullman

Directed by..... Ken Berris

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