A band of warrior insects calling themselves 'The league of Insects' under the control of General Grub and El Roacho, have captured City Hall and are holding Los Angeles hostage!

You are the rookie member of the elite fighting force, The Bug Blasters. Accompanied by a crack team of experts, including Team Captain McVay, a veteran of the New York City Roach Wars of '79, you must vanquish the insect threat throughout the city and the long overlooked underground tunnels in which they have been swarming. Destroy the hive, and get out alive before it's too late!

Release: 2000

Developer: Stargate Entertainment

Publisher: Good Deal Games

Type: Shooter

Platforms: Sega CD


Bug Blasters was originally scheduled to be released by Sony Imagesoft for Sega CD. By the time Stargate Films finished the game, Sony had abandoned the Sega CD as a platform. They failed to pay Stargate Films for their work on the game and, without a publisher, it was abandoned altogether.

Michael Thomasson, having played a review copy, licensed the game and released it through his publishing company Good Deal Games.

Director Sam Nicholson also directed the FMV games Tomcat Alley, Midnight Raiders, Star Strike, and Wing Nuts. Writer Ed Naha also wrote the films "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and "Troll."



Cool movie and the game is fun.

Captain McVeigh..... Greg Collins

Prof. Rosepetal..... Jane A. Rogers

Wally Wells..... Ron Moss

Amos Dunn..... David Richards

Hugh D. Player..... Ryan Bollman

Directed by..... Sam Nicholson

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