Only One Gunslinger Can Stop A Mad Dog Gone Wild...

And that's you, partner. When the ruthless outlaw Mad Dog McCree goes on a rampage with a nasty pack of wanted fugitives, they leave death in their wake. Relive the gunpowder glory of the Wild West in this collection of three classic Mad Dog McCree arcade games that will leave your Wii Remote smokin'!

(description from the back of the Wii Version)

Release: 2009

Publisher: Majesco

Type: Shooter

Platforms: Wii

Title One
Vid Pic One       Vid Pic Two       Vid Pic Three       Vid Pic Four      

This Wii version is compatible with the Wii Zapper.

The Gunslinger Pack includes three games on one disc: Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold and The Last Bounty Hunter.

Title Three



Three classic arcade shooting games all in one! Wii remote works very well.

The Prospector..... Ben Zeller

Mad Dog McCree..... Rusty Dillen

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