The Territory has been overrun, and you're the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws - Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, because they're looking to get you too!

These crazy outlaws will lead you through the roughest areas of the Territory, so be careful. There'll be danger 'round every corner and shootouts with some of the fastest hands in the west, so come on, use that gun!

(description from the back of the PC version)

Release: 1994

Developer: American Laser Games

Publisher: American Laser Games / Digital Leisure

Type: Shooter

Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, DVD, PC, PS3


Director David O. Roberts also directed Who Shot Johnny Rock and Mad Dog McCree II.

Jonathan Simpson, who played Handsome Harry, played Spock's father Sarek in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier."



Another great shooter from American Laser Games.

Handsome Harry..... Jonathan Simpson

Nasty Dan..... Bruce Miles

Maybelle..... Anna Braga

General Riggs.....J.D.Ryan

Directed by..... David O. Roberts

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