That lowdown dirty sidewinder Mad Dog McCree and his band of cutthroats have riden into town, kidnapped the Mayor and his daughter and taken them to his hideout. These hombres are mean and vicious. What this town needs is a gunslinger to spray a little lead in harm's way.

Only the best shooters will meet Mad Dog McCree in the final showdown - just be sure your Colt .44 Six-Shooter is loaded!

(description from the back of the DVD Version)

Release: 1993

Developer: American Laser Games

Type: Shooter

Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, DVD, Mac, PC, Sega CD, Wii


Mad Dog McCree was the first arcade game released by American Laser Games (1990).

Actor Ben Zeller (The Prospector) appeared in a total of three games for American Laser Games; Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog II and Space Pirates. He's also appeared in the films "Silverado" and "Wyatt Earp."

Digital Leisure re-released the game for DVD in 2001.

Title Three



Classic arcade shooting game.

The Prospector..... Ben Zeller

Mad Dog McCree..... Rusty Dillen

  December 1992

I didn't really care for Mad Dog McCree. The video was choppy, but even worse was the gameplay. [5 out of 10]

Yeesh, what happened here? The 3DO boasts superior video skills, but all I see are blocky graphics. [6 out of 10]

The graphics, although very good, still get a little blocky. Unless you have the upcoming light gun, it's next to impossible to play. [6 out of 10]

Yuk! The control just doesn't work for this type of game. Maybe a mouse or gun would help out, but at this point it's almost unplayable. [5 out of 10]

TOTAL REVIEW SCORE for 3DO version: 5.5 out of 10

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