Introduced in 1995, the PlayStation was Sony's first entry in the multi-billion dollar video game industry -- and it was a resounding success. By 1998 the PlayStation had become the best selling product in Sony Corp.'s 50-year history.

In April 1998, Sony reached total sales of ten million PlayStations in North America. In June of 1998, Sony reported sales of over 37 million units worldwide, beating the Walkman as Sony's best selling product.

The PlayStation game console is unmatched when it comes to the sheer volume of titles available for any of the next-generation videogame systems. Within the first year of the system's life, there were more than 250 games available, with titles representing every traditional genre of videogame, as well as the appearance of entirely new genres. The PlayStation game console also has the largest number of third party publishers of any active video game system. Today the PlayStation library consists of more than 600 titles.

By Dave Beuscher

Platforms: PlayStation
Year: 1999

Cobra Command
(Japan Only)

Fox Hunt
Consoles: Mac, PC, Playstation
Year: 1996

The Neverhood
(Japan Only)

Psychic Detective
Consoles: 3DO, PC, Playstation
Year: 1995

Revenge of the Ninja
(Japan Only)

Platforms: PlayStation
Year: 1997

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Consoles: 3DO, DOS, Mac, PS1, Windows
Year: 1994

Wing Commander IV
Consoles: DOS, Mac, PS1, PS3, PS Vita, Windows
Year: 1996

The X-Files Game
Consoles: Mac, PC, Playstation
Year: 1998

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