Armed with a killer butt and a boatload of bizarre weapons, you're Klaymen, the last clay action hero. Run. Jump. Buttbounce. Repeat until you save your beloved homeworld from the evil villian Klogg and his Skullmonkey minions.

90+ level of gameplay. Multiple secret areas and levels. Hilarious weapons including Universe Enema, Fart-Head & Hamster-Shield.

(description from the back of the Playstation version)

Release: 1997

Developer: The Neverhood, Inc.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: Playstation



After creating Earthworm Jim for Shiny Entertainment, creator Doug TenNapel started the software company The Neverhood Inc. Skullmonkeys is part of the Neverhood Chronicles, a series of games which includes The Neverhood and Boombots. Unlike the point-and-click game The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys is a side-scrolling adventure game.

The Japanese version of the game is called "Klaymen, Klaymen 2," reflecting its connection with The Neverhood (aka "Klaymen, Klaymen" in Japan).

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Lead Animator..... Mike Dietz

Lead Animator..... Ed Schofield

Lead Animator..... Doug TenNapel

Lead Animator..... Eric Ciccone

Created by..... Doug TenNapel

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