It looks like a movie but don't just sit there.

Shot in 16mm. It's got the look and feel of a feature film. The sweeping plot and the complex characters. Dueling Elvises and a bad guy in mittens.

And it's got you, Jack Fremont - TV trivia geek with an empty fridge, now regular-guy-turned spy. Because here's the offer: a chance to save the world... and enough money to pay the rent. How it all ends - and there are 10 possibilities - is entirely up to you. So you see, it's not just your movie- it's your move. (description from the back of the Playstation version.)

Release: 1996

Developer: 3vision Games

Publisher: Capcom USA, Inc.

Type: Quicktime/Adventure

Platforms: Mac, Playstation, Windows 3.x


The game was later released as a direct-to-dvd movie also called "Fox Hunt." New scenes were written and shot (some with Gary Coleman) that were added to replace or improve upon the previously shot video game footage.

A pilot for a "Fox Hunt" television show was shot but not picked up by the network.

George Lazenby (Chauncey) played James Bond 007 in the film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Actor Andrew Bowen (Jack Fremont) was the voice of Neo in the video game "The Matrix: Path of Neo."



The complex and varied options can become overwhelming.

Jack Fremont..... Andrew Bowen

Chauncey..... George Lazenby

Edison Pettibone..... Rob Lowe

Frank..... Timothy Bottoms

Written by..... Michael Berns

Directed by..... Michael Berns

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