The List tells the story of Jordan Grady. Attacked at a bus station, Grady killed his would-be killer in self defense. Grady is interviewed by the police for 5 days after finding a list of names on the unknown killer which included Grady's. Unable to find any connections or motives, he is let go only to be killed the following week. 3 years have past. You are a special agent from Santa Fe investigating the Grady Case to put it to rest once and for all.

Release: June 30, 2021

Developer: Dan Trimble

Publisher: Dan Trimble

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows


Similar to the critically-acclaimed Her Story, The List involves searching keywords in a database to uncover more information to solve the case. Another game with this style of gameplay is Interrogation Files: Port Lands End.

How you reach the conclusion is entirely based on the questions you ask and the words you search.

Actor Dan Trimble (Jordan Grady) is also the developer.

Purchase for Windows on Steam.

Jordan Grady.....Dan Trimble

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