A neighbor reports some damage to a house in the sleepy town of Port Landsend, suspecting a robbery. When a nearby police cruiser stops to investigate he finds a shocking discovery - bodies, mutilated in horrific ways. Five suspects are brought in for questioning and all of them seem to be hiding something. Despite the department's best effort at getting a confession, the case turns cold over the years.

Now it's your job to search through a new proprietary police database, to look for any overlooked
clues in the interrogation footage and physical evidence in the case. Welcome to the Interrogation Files.

Release: June 18, 2020

Developer: Visual Interactive

Publisher: Visual Interactive

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Windows


The "search word" gameplay format is similar to the critically-acclaimed FMV game Her Story (2015).

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Ray Hopper

Morgen Johnson

Rene-Krystle Hamlet

Dave Morrison

Clare Kendall

Leslie Asplund

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