When his 2 young children vanish mysteriously throughout the night, it's up to single-dad Dean Hamilton to do what any good dad would do: Go to the end of the universe and bring them back home in this thrilling FMV/Interactive Movie.

Release: March 12, 2021

Developer: Tayanna Studios

Publisher: Tayanna Studios

Type: Interactive Film

Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series


The Dark Side of the Moon originally began as a Kickstarter campaign in July 2018.

Actors Anarosa Butler (Alyx) and Rupert Booth (Gedeon) both starred in the FMV games Contradiction: Spot the Liar! and The Shapeshifting Detective.

Check out our interviews with actor/director/writer Darren Hall and actors Rupert Booth and Anarosa Butler.

Available for Mac and Windows from Steam.

Dean Hamilton..... Darren Hall

Alyx..... Anarosa Butler

Gedeon..... Rupert Booth

Produced by..... Darren Hall

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