All the Excitement of America's #1 Sport!

You've asked for a street location game, Bally/Midway listens and delivers with NFL FOOTBALL. Developed for the adult street location customer, NFL FOOTBALL will attract new players and new locations. NFL FOOTBALL is action-packed but doesn't require the player skills of most arcade games. It's a strategy game that encourages repeat plays. NFL FOOTBALL is visually exciting with the hard-hitting action of America's favorite spectator sport.

(description from the arcade flyer)

Title: NFL Football

Release: 1985

Developer: Bally / Midway

Type: Sports Strategy

Platforms: Halcyon


"NFL Football" was originally an arcade game by Bally/Midway.

"NFL Football" was one of only two games released for Rick Dyer's revolutionary home gaming system Halcyon.

Quarterback..... Jim Plunkett

Quarterback..... Dan Fouts

Quarterback..... Marc Wilson

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