All the Excitement of America's #1 Sport!

You've asked for a street location game, Bally/Midway listens and delivers with NFL FOOTBALL. Developed for the adult street location customer, NFL FOOTBALL will attract new players and new locations. NFL FOOTBALL is action-packed but doesn't require the player skills of most arcade games. It's a strategy game that encourages repeat plays. NFL FOOTBALL is visually exciting with the hard-hitting action of America's favorite spectator sport.

Title: NFL Football

Release: 1983

Company: Bally / Midway

Cabinet Height: -

Cabinet Width: -

Cabinet Weight: -


"NFL Football" was ported to the Halcyon gaming console in 1985.

"NFL Football" was one of only two games released for Halcyon.

Quarterback..... Jim Plunkett

Quarterback..... Dan Fouts

Quarterback..... Marc Wilson

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