The Halcyon is a home video game console released in January 1985 by RDI Video Systems. Halcyon was based around the Z80 microprocessor, with its 64K memory partitioned out to ROM and RAM. RDI Video Systems claimed that the system would be entirely voice-activated, and would have an artificial intelligence on par with HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. A separate speech recognition computer provided the additional power needed to recognize human speech.

Video content existed on a special computer-controlled CED player provided by RCA. Late in its development, Halcyon had to be re-designed to use Laserdisc players because CED units were put out of production by RCA. This increased the retail price from $1800 to $2500.

Suffering from a retail price tag that would discourage consumers and content that would require several laserdiscs to contain, investors and manufacturers saw little success in the future of Halcyon. Its few hand-assembled prototypes went into the hands of certain investors and collectors. Well-known names among these investors included Merv Griffin, Quinn Martin and Cassandra Peterson.

Only two games were released for the system before RDI went bankrupt: Thayer's Quest and NFL Football, although trailers for several others were created.


List of unreleased HALCYON games:

Shadow of the Stars   |    The Spirit of the Whittier Mansion    |    Orpheus    |    Voyage to the New World    |    Cobra Command    |   

Title One
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Thayer's Quest
Platforms: Halcyon
Year: 1985
Description: The classic arcade game is finally released on DVD...more

NFL Football
Platforms: Halcyon
Year: 1985
Description: Home port of the Bally/Midway arcade game... more

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