A crawling terror whose towering fury no one can escape. A new dimension in terror that will have you screaming for mercy. Ants, twenty feet tall, go marching one by one, using your home town as a human picnic basket!

Release: 1991

Developer: Cinemaware Corporation

Publisher: NEC Technologies. Inc.

Type: Action

Platforms: TurboGraphx-CD, Turbo Duo



This CD-Rom version builds upon the original 1989 Amiga game by including FMV scenes and other improvements.

Writer Ken Melville is a legend of FMV. His writing credits include Sewer Shark, Ground Zero Texas, and Corpse Killer among others.

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Lud..... Randy Polk

Clay..... Hugh Dane

Doc..... Harry Frasier

Marina..... Lena Pousette

Prissy..... Raquel Gardner

Written by..... Ken Melville

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