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Climb into the cockpit of Sewer Shark and you're gonna be blown away. Featuring digital video of live actors, CD sound and the high powered action of a simulation-shooter, Sewer Shark is a completely new breed of game that takes you into a realm of gameplay almost beyond your senses.

Interact one-on-one with ace tunnel jockey Ghost and the devious, fat-faced Stenchler. Your mission's clear: transport supplies to human outposts deep in the sewers...and fry anything that gets in your way. Miss a turn, and you're history. But make it all the way...and you're in Solar City, maxin' out to beaches, babes and awesome rays!

Title Three

Release: 1992

Developer: Digital Pictures, Inc.

Publisher: Sony Imagesoft

Type: Shooter

Platforms: 3DO, Sega CD



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Director John Dykstra is best known for his special effects on the original "Star Wars" film.

Concept by Rob Fulop - who also created the concept for Night Trap.

Writer Ken Melville also wrote the screenplay for Corpse Killer.

One of the first games released for Sega CD, it was eventually included as a pack-in with the system.

The 3DO version has higher quality FMV sequences.

Title Three



It's like "Star Tours" - but in the sewers.

Title Three

Ghost..... David Underwood

Stenchler..... Robert Costanzo

Falco..... Kari G. Peyton

Girl Friday..... Stevie Sterling

Catfish (Voice)..... Robert Weaver

Directed by..... John Dykstra

 February 1993

Sewer Shark is an awesome hybrid of hot shoot-em-up video game action and state-of-the-art CD graphics with an incredibly intense soundtrack and explosive sound effects. A perfect introduction to CD power gaming, Sewer Shark is a maneater!

GRAPHICS 5 out of 5 • SOUND 5 out of 5 • CONTROL 5 out of 5 • FUN FACTOR 5 out of 5


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