The chopper kicks up dust as it sets down. Through the haze of dirt and grit you make out El Cadron, a shabby, little Texas border town. It looks quiet enough, but folks have been disappearing. As a tactical weapons expert, you soon discover it's crawling with aliens disguised as humans. Welcome to Ground Zero Texas.

Release: March 23, 2021

Developer: Screaming Villains

Publisher: Screaming Villains

Type: Shooter

Platforms: PS4, Windows


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Developer Screaming Villains (Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition) has upgraded this 1993 Sega CD classic with new visuals, more enemies, deleted scenes, and exclusive bonus footage.

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Reece..... Steve Eastin

Disalvo..... Leslie Zemeckis

Pike..... Scott Lawrence

Breen..... Christopher Bradley

Mathews..... Rick Aiello

Directed by..... Dwight H. Little

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