This Knight's having a bad day...

Daphne's missing, the Mud Men trashed your armor, the Shape Shifter's in your face, the Lizard King's a jerk and the dragon's all over you!

Lead on brave adventurer... your quest awaits!

(description from the back of the Sega CD Version)

Release: 1993

Developer: Don Bluth Studios

Type: Quicktime

Platforms: 3DO, Android, Blu-Ray, DVD, HD-DVD, CD-i, iOS, Jaguar, Mac, PC, PS Network, Sega CD, Wii


Title One
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Directed by former Disney animator Don Bluth at his own animation studio. Bluth also is the creator behind "The Secret of NIMH," "An American Tail" and "The Land Before Time."

"Dragon's Lair" is the most popular FMV game of all time. It was a smash hit when it hit arcades in 1983 and has spawned a tv show and several other games including over forty home-ports and sequels.

Visionary producer Rick Dyer also produced Thayer's Quest, Shadoan and Time Traveler. He and his company were responsible for the home computer/laserdisc system Halcyon.

Title Three



Beautiful Don Bluth animation. Frustrating gameplay.

Dirk the Daring..... Dan Molina (voice)

Written by..... Marty Foulger, Victor Penman

Produced by..... Rick Dyer

Directed by..... Don Bluth

August 1994

A near exact match to the original coin-op... It's good, but the timing needs help. [8 out of 10]

The whole daring adventure is a riotous romp through colorful levels of mayhem. The one drawback is the replay value is easily diminished. [8 out of 10]

The CD-i version is the best version on any platform. On the down side, the CD access time is a nuisance. [7 out of 10]

Most versions of the game played really bad, but this one was more bearable. [7 out of 10]

TOTAL REVIEW SCORE for CD-i version: 7.5 out of 10        (Note: The 3DO version received a score of 7 out of 10)

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