For the first time ever...

Play the home version of the original Hologram coin-operated arcade game on your DVD movie player!

Beautiful Kyi-La, Princess of the Galactic Federation, is kidnapped by the evil renegade scientist Vulcor. You control the daring Marshal Gram and travel through the ages of time to rescue the Princess. (description from the back of the DVD Version)

Release: 2000

Developer: Virtual Image Productions

Publisher: Digital Leisure

Type: Quicktime

Platforms: DVD, PC


Home port of the holographic arcade game Hologram Time Traveler.

From Rick Dyer, the creator of Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Thayer's Quest.

Digital Leisure released the game with anaglyph filter glasses (those red and blue 3D glasses). There was an option to play in 3D or in regular 2D.



This home version really suffers without the Hologram gimmick.

Created by..... Rick Dyer

Produced by..... Mark E. Watson

Directed by..... Mark E. Watson

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