A magnificent animated fantasy adventure.

Travel across distant lands, encounter friends and strangers, and gather magical items to aid you in your battle against Torlok the Twisted to restore freedom to the Five Kingdoms. Courage and ingenuity will be required to survive in these dangerous lands. Every move you make will present you with greater challenges and more fantastic rewards.

(description from the back of the CD-i Version)

Release: 1996

Developer: Virtual Image Productions

Publisher: Interplay Productions, Inc.

Type: Adventure

Platforms: CD-i, DOS, DVD, Mac


The sequel to "Kingdom: The Far Reaches" (also known as Thayer's Quest).

Also known as "Kingdom II: Shadoan."

Created and produced by Rick Dyer, the man behind "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace".



Very much a "Choose Your Own Adventure" game.

Lathan Kandor..... Jim Staylor

Produced by..... Rick Dyer

Directed by..... Kevin Ryniker

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