In March 1995 Sega of America announced that the Saturn would be released on September 2 in time for the Christmas holiday. Sega was in a race to beat the highly anticipated Sony Playstation which was also due out in September. However, despite the announcement, Sega surprised consumers in May, when a supply of 30,000 Saturns were released in American stores. Retail price on the system was $399. Included with the console was an eight button control pad and a CD-ROM of the arcade hit Virtua Fighter. Sega made the console available with no game for $349.

Also caught off guard by the early release of the Saturn were third party game developers. With no warning time, a minimal amount of software titles were distributed in the first months of the Saturn's American release.

Sega reported good initial sales for the Saturn but the Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 systems soon dominated the market. By March of 1998, Sega of America had reported losses of $309 million. Sega continued to sell software for the Saturn but began concentrating on the release of the 128-bit Dreamcast system, which was scheduled for release in Japan on November 20, 1998, and in America during the autumn of 1999.

By Dave Beuscher

LIST of additional SEGA SATURN games that feature FMV:

Command and Conquer  |    Congo The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj  |    Ghen War  |    The Horde  |    Independence Day

Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend  |    Megaman 8  |    Megaman X4  |    The Need For Speed  |    Off-World Interceptor  |    Resident Evil

Road Rash  |    Shinobi Legions  |    Solar Eclipse  |    Street Fighter The Movie

Europe/Japan-Only:    Megaman X3

Japan-Only:    Lunar: Silver Star Story  |   Lunar: Eternal Blue  |    Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie  |   Yakyuken Special

Brain Dead 13
Consoles: 3DO, CD-i, Jaguar, Mac, PC, Saturn
Year: 1995

Corpse Killer
Consoles: Saturn, Sega CD/32x
Year: 1994

Double Switch
Consoles: Mac, PC, Saturn, Sega CD
Year: 1993

The Horde
Platforms: 3DO, DOS, Saturn
Year: 1994

Ninja Hayate
(Japan Only)

Quarterback Attack
Consoles: 3DO, Mac, PC, Saturn
Year: 1995

Road Avenger
(Japan Only)

Time Gal
(Japan Only)

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