Sega Saturn, the 1995 successor to the FMV-centric Sega CD, released far fewer games that took advantage of the console's ability to generate full-motion video gameplay. Only 4 games with FMV gameplay were released for the console in the United States with 3 additional titles released in Japan.

There were, however, several titles that used FMV in story cutscenes. This combination of traditional graphical gameplay and between-level FMV story segments was the new norm for Sega consoles going forward as FMV games largely left the console realm and migrated to personal computers.

Brain Dead 13
Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, Jaguar, Mac, PC, Saturn
Year: 1995

Command & Conquer
Platforms: DOS, Mac, PS1, PS3, PSP, Saturn, Windows
Year: 1995

Corpse Killer
Platforms: Saturn, Sega CD/32x
Year: 1994

Double Switch
Platforms: Mac, PC, Saturn, Sega CD
Year: 1993

The Horde
Platforms: 3DO, DOS, Saturn
Year: 1994

Platforms: 3DO, CD-i, iOS, Jaguar CD, Mac, PS1, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Saturn, Windows
Year: 1993

Ninja Hayate
(Japan Only)

Quarterback Attack
Platforms: 3DO, Mac, PC, Saturn
Year: 1995

Road Avenger
(Japan Only)

Shockwave Assault
Platforms: 3DO, Mac, Pippin, PlayStation, Saturn, Windows
Year: 1994

Time Gal
(Japan Only)

Additional SATURN games with FMV Sequences:

Congo The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj   |    Ghen War   |    Independence Day

Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend   
|    Megaman 8   |    Megaman X4

The Need For Speed   
|    Off-World Interceptor   |    Resident Evil   |    Road Rash

Shinobi Legions   
|    Solar Eclipse   |    Street Fighter The Movie

Europe/Japan-Only:    Megaman X3

Japan-Only:    Lunar: Silver Star Story   
|   Lunar: Eternal Blue

Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie   
|   Yakyuken Special

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