Get into Ned's Head!

A freak accident left Ned Hubbard, mild mannered father and ordinary guy, with a wireless controller implanted in his brain. Now, a mad scientist wants to dissect Ned's head to discover the secrets of mind control! Using Ned's remote controller, you've got to escape the evil clutches of "Heels," the deadly seductress bent on prying open Ned's noodle.

(description from the back of the Sega CD version.)

Release: 1995

Developer: The Code Monkeys Ltd.

Publisher: Sega of America

Type: Quicktime Events

Platforms: Sega CD


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Contains over 80 minutes of live-action video.

Actor Steve Witting (Ned Hubbard) is best known for his role as Burt on the television show "Valerie's Family."

Writer/Director James Riley also was writer on such seminal works as Night Trap and Double Switch.



One of the few quicktime games that is actually playable... and fun!

NedHubbard..... Steve Witting

Laura..... Leah Lail

Dr. Oja..... John Fujioka

Written by..... James Riley

Directed by..... James Riley

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