You will fill the shoes of commoner in the slum known as Underdog's Dwelling, you are a master of antiques and magical art, who is humorous, resourceful, honorable yet cynical. When you are unexpectedly drawn into a devious conspiracy, you are forced to embark on an adventure in the imperial capital as a detective, not just for solving the cases... but for your very own survival.

Release: April 27, 2022

Developer: YunYun

Publisher: YunYun

Type: Puzzle, Adventure

Platforms: Mac OS X 10.10+, Windows 7+


Underdog Detective is an official adaption of the popular Chinese TV series Luoyang. The game starts 10 years before the TV series' story, when Equinoxes, an organization of killers, and Eosos, a government-back spec-ops agency, are in the constant state of conflict.

Underdog Detective consists of 17 episodes. The game is sold in two parts, Episodes 1-5 and Episodes 6-17, or as a "Complete Season" bundle with all 17 episodes.

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