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12 years on from Vietnam War 2. Roxanne and Slayter, the offspring of the legendary Rex Power Colt are going to Vietnam War 4 to save freedom, and save the world. Discover an epic single player experience with the unique combination of competitive, precise Trials gameplay- and rather less precise gun toting, neon-drenched Blood Dragon action.

The future is back. Are you ready?

Release: June 13, 2016

Developer: RedLynx Ltd.

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: PS4, Windows, Xbox One



Title One
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Trials of the Blood Dragon combines two of Ubisoft's franchises, the platform racing series "Trials" and the Blood Dragon universe first seen in "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon."

Star Michael Biehn (Sgt. Rex 'Power' Colt) is perhaps best known for his roles in the James Cameron films "Terminator" and "Aliens."

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Roxanne..... Mike Dietz

Slayter..... Ed Schofield

Rex 'Power' Colt..... Michael Biehn

General Ryback..... Glenn Wrage

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