Set during a pandemic lockdown in France, The World After tells the story of Vincent, a writer that fled the city in order to work on his new book. Recurring strange dreams push him to look for the truth behind the village mystery. As he investigates an old castle, he finds a way to switch between night and day and start being chased by a dreadful monster, The Nightwatcher.

Will he be able to find answers? What lies beyond the Tannhäuser Gate? Who or what is The Nightwatcher? What is the meaning of the strange messages he keeps on finding?

Title: The World After

Release: May 5, 2021

Developer: Burning Sunset

Publisher: Burning Sunset

Platforms: Mac OS 10.12+, Windows 7+


Purchase The World After on Steam.

Visit the developer's website.

Vincent..... Guillaume Defare

The Director..... Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Mark..... Lesly Grange

Mrs. Delgado..... Marie Coutance

Director By..... Guillaume Defare

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