You awaken one morning in a quiet English town, to a disturbing sound downstairs. Something is on your house. What do you do? Your mobile phone is ringing in the kitchen. You investigate. A figure stands in the kitchen. Suddenly it lunges, attacking, biting, fighting. You fight it off, grab your phone and try to escape. But every decision is crucial, and you can't think straight with the sound of your own heartbeat pounding in your skull. Your girlfriend has left a message. She's near the farmhouse. You have to find her. NOW!

Title: The Hunting

Release: 2013

Developer: Plendy Entertainment

Publisher: Wotsamaflip Studios Ltd.

Platforms: iOS


Title One
Vid Pic One       Vid Pic One      

Was removed from the iOS store. Is currently unavailable.

From the writer/director of The Bunker.

The app was released in three parts. Part 1 was free.

Visit the Official Website.

Chloe Partridge

Simon Sparks

Nick Clarke

Developed by..... Jason Stewart

Directed by..... Allan Plenderleith

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