Enter the magical world of Edgar and Sylvia - two unforgettable characters drawn together by fate and circumstance. Help Edgar - a well-meaning window washer - in his quest to rescue his brother, save his job, and romance the woman of his dreams!

With stunning visuals, a captivating storyline and simple controls, The Act is a tremendous deal of fun for anyone (6-65+ years), and an exciting new form of animated game.

(description from the developer's website)

Release: 2013

Developer: Cecropia

Publisher: React Entertainment

Type: Personality Game

Platforms: iOS, Mac


Cecropia founder Omar Khudari calls The Act a "personality game" in which you react appropriately to the body language of those around you.

The Act was released for Mac and iOS through React Entertainment.

Visit the official website at: TheActGame.com



Innovative and exceedingly charming. Brilliant.

Animation Director..... Broose Johnson

Directed by..... Omar Khudari

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