Do you have what it takes to solve crimes and become a Stitcher? Transport yourself into the memories of the deceased while investigating high-profile crimes in this ground-breaking immersive experience.

The Stitchers Program is a secret government agency that uses memories of the recently departed to solve mysteries before they go to the grave. Looking to enlist a number of new recruits, you've been chosen to step into the mind of a murder victim and see if you have what it takes to become a Stitcher. (description from the iTunes App Store Page)

Release: June 2015

Developer: ABC Family

Publisher: ABC Family

Type: Mystery/Memory

Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, Online


"Stitchers: Hack the Case" is the official game based on the television drama "Stitchers" which premiered June 2, 2015 on ABC Family.

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Very short but the 360° virtual reality video is way cool on a mobile device.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield..... Maggie

Kyle Harris..... Cameron

Emma Ishta..... Kirsten

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