You find a phone belonging to a missing person named Anna. In it, you see a mysterious video of her crying for help. Something weird is going on. Her friends have no idea where she is. The contents of her phone provide fragments of clues to her fate, but it is up to you to piece it together.

Is she just another victim of a crime or is there something supernatural going on?

Title: Simulacra

Release: October 27, 2017

Developer: Kaigan Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, PS4, Switch, Windows (Vista/7/8/10), Xbox One


Title One
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SIMULACRA is a narrative horror game that takes place entirely on a mobile phone. Anna, the phone's owner, left a cryptic message and her friends inform you that she is nowhere to be found. Take it one step further and hijack her dating app, view her private vlogs, and stalk with her social media.

SIMULACRA is a spiritual successor to the award winning game Sara Is Missing.

Available for Android / iOS / PS4 / Switch / Windows / Xbox One

Visit the Official Website.

Anna.... Wendy Van Horen Carneiro

Greg..... Reuben Cheow

Ashley..... Kimberly Ng

Taylor..... Phraveen Arikiah

Produced by..... Shah Rizar

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