Silent Steel - A dangerous undersea cinematic adventure of hide and seek. The enemy is out there and they are hunting the U.S.S. Idaho.

As captain of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Sub, U.S.S. Idaho, you are in command of the most powerful weapons system ever devised. With 24 Trident missiles on board, you carry enough firepower to destroy the planet. With fear and uncertainty undermining the morale of your crew, the orders you i ssue will seal the fate of your ship as you attempt to unravel the intricate plot threatening the stability of the free world.

Release: 1995

Developer: Tsunami

Publisher: Slingshot Entertainment

Type: Adventure/Strategy

Platforms: DVD, PC


Written by Chuck Pfarrer, writer of hit action films Navy Seals, Hard Target, The Jackal and the video game Flash Traffic: City of Angels.

Contains over 2 hours of full-motion video shot entirely on location (except for underwater shots).

Executive Officer..... Brian McNamara

Master Chief..... Jim Metzler

Written by..... Chuck Pfarrer

Directed by..... Tony Markes

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