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REVOLUTION ZEALOTS. A NUCLEAR BOMB. A RACE AGAINST TIME. A story ripped from today's headlines is brought to vibrant, stunning life -a gripping battle of wills, politics and deadly intrigue played out against the gritty reality of Los Angeles.

As FBI Special Agent in Charge, you and your team must respond immediately to our nation's highest priority alert: national security is at stake.

(description from the back of the PC Version)

Release: 1994

Developer: Tsunami Media, Inc.

Publisher: Time Warner Interactive

Type: First-Person Adventure

Platforms: PC


Title One
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"Writer/producer Chuck Pfarrer also wrote "Navy Seals" and "Hard Target." His screenplays include "Darkman," "The Jackal," and "Red Planet."

Director Tony Markes and writer Chuck Pfarrer also teamed up for the FMV game Silent Steel.

Terrorist..... Michael Champion

SWAT Team Leader..... Chuck Pfarrer

Written by..... Chuck Pfarrer

Directed by..... Tony Markes

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