She Sees Red is an interactive live-action thriller full of drama, violence, and your responsibility.

There's been a strange murder in a night club. A detective is doing her best to find the elusive murderer who continues their killing spree leaving abundant evidence behind. Make different choices to affect the plot line and reveal all pieces of the puzzle.


Developer: Rhinotales

Publisher: Rhinotales

Type: Interactive Film

Platforms: Windows 10


Each play-through of She Sees Red lasts 30 minutes, but one needs to watch it at least twice to reveal the whole story. Each choice matters and leads to one of 4 different endings.

She Sees Red is a Russian-language game with optional English dubbing. Subtitles are available in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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Visit the Official Website at Rhinotales.com.

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