Set in 1977, Roundabout tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, arguably the world's most famous revolving chauffeur. While driving players around the town of Roundabout, players will learn about the dizzying highs, terrifying lows, and secret loves of a revolving limousine driver. You'll experience the seventies in the only authentic way possible: with full motion video set in the interior of a limousine.

(description from the Official Website)

Title: Roundabout

Release: September 2014

Developer: No Goblin

Type: Video Game with Cutscenes

Platforms: Linux, Mac OSX, PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Xbox One



Title One
Vid Pic One      

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Giorgio Manos..... Kate Welch

Mickey the Mechanic..... Eric 'e' Neustadter

Beth..... Jillian Carol

Ronaldo..... Psychedelic Eyeball

Directed by..... Dan Teasdale

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