Out of the Limo, into the ring, it's like a movie. But when the bell rings, it's just you and him! If you've got the speed, muscle, the heart...you might last a round!

Classic boxing action in TruVideo ™ with realistic, instantaneous control.

(description from the back of the Sega CD Version)

Release: 1993

Developer: Digital Pictures, Inc.

Publisher: Sega Sports

Type: Quicktime

Platforms: Sega CD


Title One
Vid Pic One      

Director Ron Stein, the fight choreographer on "Raging Bull," was greatly influenced by the look of Scorsese's film.

Kevin Welsh (concept) was producer on Night Trap and Power Factory.

Coincidently, the similarly named 2008 game "Don King Presents: Prizefighter" also contains FMV.

Gameplay is similar to Supreme Warrior which was also developed by Digital Pictures, Inc.



Ambitious but sluggish controls can be unresponsive or delayed.

Ring Announcer..... Michael Buffer

Referee..... Gene LeBell

Concept by..... Kevin Welsh

Directed by..... Ron Stein

January 1994

- Preview -

The Good: The game makes you really feel like you're getting into the ring! You might even get a little scared.

The Bad: After you fight everyone, and beat them, and lose to them, the full-motion cinemas get a little old.

The Ugly: You if you try to go directly to Nuke the Duke, he'll tear you up!

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